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We Are Nkidu

By October 23, 2013August 20th, 2015Uncategorized

Oh boy. It seems that we’ve launched a new video game publisher. It also seems that you’ve found our website. That’s a good thing.

I guess the question on everyone’s mind is, “What the hell is Nkidu?” Well, there’s no need to take that sort of tone with us, but in short, Nkidu is a new video game publisher focused on helping indies find success. That’s the really high-level, 2-second answer.

Perhaps a better answer is that we want ultimately want to help developers wherever we’re needed. I’ve spent a long time in video game PR/marketing — 12 years and counting — so certainly we’re able to help devs on the promotional side. My cohort Khaled Ibrahimi has spent his career on the other side of the coin — development, that is — and as such we’re able to help with production issues, dev pipelines, managing a virtual team and everything else you need to do to get a game out the door. We’ve also both been around the block enough times to be able to consult on business matters, make connections, help with distribution and so on.

We realize that developers often have a negative image of publishers: that they force ideas on you, take too much money or just plain suck. We want to use our experience in working with all sorts of publishers to build an appealing publishing option for a wide range of indie needs. To that end we’ve pulled together a survey. If you’re an indie dev, we’d really appreciate a few minutes of your time so we can truly understand what you’re looking for in a partner.

We want to bring great games into the spotlight, games that push our medium forward. We’re looking for development partners who share our passion for incredible gameplay, beautiful artwork and compelling narrative. If you’re a developer who wants to embark on this journey with us, by all means email us! If you don’t want to work with us right now, email us or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook. We’re part of the same community. Let’s be friends.

So with that we head off into the abyss, uncertain of what horrors or delights the depths may bring, but ever optimistic that we’ll find some cool-ass aliens down there and… ah, I really should stop going off on tangents like that.

– Tom Ohle, on behalf of Khaled Ibrahimi and the Nkidu team (it’s just the

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