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  • Grappling hooks: With full control over two grappling hooks you can chain swings together and use your momentum for fluid, elegant movement.
  • Parkour: Use wall running, wall jumping, crouching and wall grappling to overcome obstacles and find the best route to the pillar of light.
  • Different grappling mechanics: The game is full of different types of grappling mechanics which will impact the way you move and solve puzzles.
  • Challenges and puzzles: Levels require you to master swinging, movement, various abilities and to discover new ways to use and combine them.
  • Speedrun mode: Race against the clock or try to beat the times of other runners around the world, and compete for a spot on the leaderboards.
  • Intelligent checkpoints: Frequent checkpoints and manual resets mean you can get back into the action as fast as possible. This allows you to practice sections and master an entire level without having to constantly restart. Improve on sections, find the most efficient route and set the best time.
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Windows XP SP2
Intel Core 2 Q6600
4GB Memory
GeForce GTX 275 or higher
DirectX 9
4GB disk space

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